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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Tis The Season For Cross Contamination

I got the notice from the school last week that the school Christmas parties are coming up this week and it made me cringe because Chance got glutened at last years shindig and spent the first 3 days of his Christmas break feeling awful.
This year makes me especially wary because they have opted to have a walking taco bar.
There is a part of me that just wants to keep him home on days where there will be a classroom full of fifth graders dipping into a buffet style meal, but I can't keep him from everything, so I am working out a plan for him to bring his own little taco bar that I can be sure is gluten free.
And although our school adopted a policy a few years ago where all treats brought to parties must be store bought and packaged due to food allergies, I will be baking some treats for him to share as there is one girl in his class that also has Celiac. I will be sure to list ingredients on the containers.
Do you think I'll be black listed and forbidden to provide treats in the future?
Guess who doesn't give a hoot.

I do what I need to do to prevent my son from getting ill and suffering damage. I have found that while many people are hyper vigilant about severe food allergies, many people still have the impression that parents of children with Celiac disease are simply difficult and that just a little gluten won't hurt.

No, my son won't go in to anaphylaxis, but he WILL become ill, and there will be damage to his intestinal tract. 

So Chance will be attending his holiday celebration, and he will be bringing his own taco bar and treats.
It's how I deal with the party stress and keep him safe.

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