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Friday, November 14, 2014

The Real Cost of Celiac Disease (and my opinion about why it isn't on the medical communities radar)

I'm about to get all kinds of honest up in here with my thoughts on what Celiac Disease really costs, and my thoughts on why it isn't diagnosed sooner. It takes on average, 4-7 years to get a diagnosis, when a simple blood test is all it takes.

I am not just talking about how expensive the pre-packaged foods are, or the cost of the flours.
 I am talking about the bank accounts exhausted by endless Dr. visits, tests, and medicines that make you even more ill at times, due to the fact that they contain gluten, and the higher insurance rates for everyone because of all these useless tests.
The cost of days missed from work, school, family functions and vacations because you are so ill that you can't function.
The cost to your future health, and your ability to have a family.

It cost my son quite a bit. At 10 years old, he is very small, due to malnutrition. He also has Celiac teeth, so he doesn't like to smile big smiles.
Before he was diagnosed, he would never go to friend's homes to play, because he couldn't control his bowels much of the time.
He battled strep throat at least three times a year, and had eczema. Mood swings, anxiety and depression.
It makes me both sad and angry when I think of the chunks of his childhood lost to undiagnosed Celiac.
I try not to think about his increased risk for cancers, and other nasty after effects.

We spent 7 years, thousands of dollars and many anxious days, which turned into sleepless nights dealing with a seriously ill child, and searching for the root of my son's illness.
I had a list the length of my arm with his symptoms and complaints, but was shuffled off with no answers time and again.
I even suggested things like Chron's to our family Dr, so why didn't they ever test him?!?

Is it because there isn't a cure?

There, I said it.

There is no more money to be made by the Dr's, hospitals, or pharmaceutical companies once you are diagnosed.
The big money makers are in the food industry, because the only treatment for Celiac disease is eating a diet completely free of gluten.

I love sharing my recipes with you, and will be back to posting them again tomorrow, but my real goal is to raise awareness for Celiac Disease, because I found out the hard way that it probably isn't something that your Dr will bring up.

Stepping down from my soapbox now...

 Enjoy this picture of my wonderful, handsome, funny, super smart, feeling much better now son.

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